Disruptive biotechnologies that leverage hemp to create the highest quality, environmentally sustainable, and regulatory approved – intoxicating cannabinoid ingredients designed for premium cannabis vaporizing, edible, and beverage brands in the regulated markets.




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What is clēēn:tech?

clēēn:tech is a biotechnology company that specializes in creating intoxicating cannabinoids from environmentally sustainable hemp (cannabis defined as having <.3% THC at harvest).

Hemp Sourced THC™ is clēēn:tech’s formulation for Delta 9 distillate that regularly tests higher than 90% pure Delta 9.  Distillate that is ideal for brands looking to tailor their specific flavor profiles across multiple markets.

Our patented intellectual property creates intoxicating ingredients that are free of pesticides, heavy metals, residual aftertastes, and unknown byproducts.   We only operate in regulated markets.

A single plant: cannabis

Traditionally, cannabis has been bred and grown for a variety of commercial and industrial purposes such as rope and paper, for CBD for a variety of possible wellness benefits, and for THC, which is an intoxicant. When the cannabis plant is grown and processed for hemp, it contains less than .3% THC and has little or no intoxicating properties. clēēn:tech’s proprietary technology now empowers licensed processors in legal, regulated markets to expand the use of the cannabis plant – including cannabis legally defined as hemp – to include THC.

Health and safety are the most critical priorities in a well-regulated adult use intoxicant market that covers everything from spirits and wine to tobacco, vapor products and cannabis. clēēn:tech’s Hemp Sourced THC™ is a safe, successfully tested product that should be included in the regulatory framework for cannabis.

Public Policy

Public Policy

Hemp and cannabis are different words describing the same plant – cannabis sativa. In public policy at the state and federal level, “hemp” is defined for regulatory purposes as cannabis with THC levels below 0.3%. In the early days of crafting regulations for the first legal cannabis marketplaces in the United States, statute and rules did not anticipate expanded understanding of the cannabis plant that would reveal hundreds of cannabinoids and their various properties. Better-known cannabinoids include THC and CBD, and each is understood to have different effects. THC is known and recognized as an intoxicant and CBD for its wellness benefits including relief from pain or nausea. In response to innovations like those made possible by clēēn:tech’s extensive research and development, as well as to challenge a rapidly growing illicit marketplace, policymakers in many states are working to understand and appropriately enfold cannabinoids that are intoxicants into their regulatory frameworks.



Cannabis – like other plants with multiple uses such as corn and potatoes – can be bred and grown for different types of products that, depending on their properties, are subject to regulatory oversight. No matter what a particular cannabis plant is grown for, it contains hundreds of cannabinoids, compounds that occur naturally within the plant that are the subject of intensive discussion, research, and study. The cannabis plant is the source of cannabinoids whether the plant is defined by regulators as “hemp” or as “cannabis.” Cannabinoid creation starts with a singular molecular compound called cannabigerol (CBG). As the cannabis plant grows and develops in nature, CBG naturally converts into cannabidiol (CBD) and Tetrahydrocannabinol (THC) as well as over 150 other cannabinoids.

THC is a cannabinoid (THC’s full scientific name is delta-9-tetrahydrocannabinol). CBD is a cannabinoid. Due to its intoxicating affects, cannabis with more than .3% THC is either regulated for adult use in the United States, allowed only for medical use, or banned. But CBD (and CBG, or CBN, which are not intoxicating) are in a wide range of products that are unregulated and available for casual purchase at grocery stores and day spas alike.

We are learning more about the cannabis plant and cannabinoids every day. When it comes to momentum toward legalization across the country and adult use intoxicants, informed and empowered consumers across the country will have a spectrum of legal, regulated THC products to choose from, and regulators have a critical role in ensuring those products are safe.

A Lower Carbon Footprint

A Lower Carbon Footprint

At times, cannabis production has been subject to criticism by environmental advocates for the relatively high energy costs required for indoor grow facilities. By contrast, Hemp Sourced THC™ produced by clēēn:tech’s proprietary technology reduces the energy cost (and therefore carbon emissions) and other environmental impacts of indoor grow facilities:

    • Hemp grown outdoors sequesters carbon, improves soil structure, and reduces water pollution.
    • Hemp has the ability to absorb an estimated 8.8 tons of CO2 per acre
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The Illicit Market

The Illicit Market

A majority of United States residents live in a state with some form of legal cannabis, a recognition of the failed “war on drugs,” and its devastating social harms. But while the illicit marketplace for cannabis has been reduced, it still exists. We have seen alarming growth – as measured by internal data monitoring of online conversations – regarding illicit marketplace activity for different forms of THC, especially Delta-8 THC. In order to meet the goals of the new legal markets for cannabis, THC must be uniformly and consistently regulated or we risk public health and safety while also undermining trust and confidence in the work of the licensed industry including regulators and licensees.

As with other legal intoxicating substances subject to strict regulation, THC can harm developing brains and should only be used by adults over the age of 21.

Our Values

  • clēēn:tech’s process is sound, and the technology is safe. Our lab-verified results are available for review by lawmakers, regulators, law enforcement, consumer watchdogs and others in the community as part of their work to safeguard public health and safety.
  • clēēn:tech is transparent about what we do – not only to build confidence in Hemp Sourced THC™, but as a model for the commitment the public should expect from the licensed industry when it comes to cannabis – whether it is grown for hemp, or for adult use intoxicants.
  • clēēn:tech stands behind regulatory processes that reliably and consistently apply science and safety-based regulations to licensed cannabis professionals and the products they grow, process, or sell. It is only when a uniform and clinical approach to the industry is taken, that public trust in the regulated system can be secured.
  • clēēn:tech believes in swift adoption of mandatory quality testing controls for regulated cannabis and to prioritize public health. The cannabis industry must prove quality control testing commitment by holding those inside and outside the regulated system answerable if they try to skirt the system.
  • clēēn:tech recognizes the global responsibility to invest in and develop technology that decreases reduces its carbon footprint in the safe production of THC.
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