At clēēn:tech, our commitment to excellence is underpinned by a rigorous and secure process, ensuring the utmost safety in our technology. We take pride in offering lab-verified results readily accessible for examination by lawmakers, regulators, law enforcement agencies, consumer advocacy groups, and all stakeholders dedicated to upholding public health and safety.

A lab tech with a cannabis CBD oil extraction machine

A screenshot of cannabinoids in a certificate of analysis

Transparency is a cornerstone of our philosophy at clēēn:tech. Our transparency not only serves to instill confidence in Hemp Sourced THCaTM but also sets an exemplary standard for the broader licensed cannabis industry. Whether cannabis is cultivated for industrial hemp or adult recreational use, we hold ourselves to a high standard, reflecting the level of dedication the public should rightfully expect from regulated cannabis enterprises.

clēēn:tech staunchly supports implementing regulatory processes that consistently apply scientific principles and safety-driven regulations to licensed cannabis professionals and their product portfolios. It is through the adoption of a standardized and clinically oriented approach that we can earn and maintain public trust in the regulated cannabis sector.

Public Law 115-336

Chemist extracting cbd with rotavapor in laboratory

We advocate swiftly enforcing mandatory quality testing controls within the hemp and regulated cannabis landscape, primarily focusing on safeguarding public health. It is incumbent upon the cannabis industry to demonstrate unwavering commitment to quality control testing and to hold all stakeholders accountable, both within and outside the regulated framework, who attempt to circumvent these critical safeguards.

clēēn:tech also acknowledges its global responsibility to invest in and develop environmentally conscious technologies that reduce the carbon footprint associated with the safe production of THCa. Our dedication to sustainability is aligned with our overarching mission to promote responsible and eco-friendly practices within the cannabis industry.